Bellezza bio Shampoo - To strengthen and revitalize

Shampoo Fortificante Certificato Biologico


Package: 200 ml
Recommended price: 13,50€

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BioKap Bellezza bio Fortifying Shampoo, with its formula certified organic by Cosmos Organic, contains a special active ingredient, based on peptides from Turmeric rhizome, and the Horsetail, rich in silicon, which together reinvigorate and strengthen the hair, giving it fuller appearance. Vegetable coconut surfactants gently cleanse the scalp while respecting its balance.

It contains over 97% of ingredients of natural origin, its cleansing base is rapidly biodegradable and the fragrance comes from natural essential oils.
It is a completely sustainable product also in the packaging.

– 100% after-consumption recycled PET bottle;
– Label in green PE from sugar cane;
– Packaging in 100% recyclable FSC paper from sustainably managed forests.


Ideal for fine, fragile and flat hair. Also suitable in case of excessive hair loss.


Apply the product on wet hair; massage until it forms a soft foam and rinse with plenty of water.


A blend of sweet coconut surfactants, to feel the hair soft during and after cleansing. Hair is enriched, soft, shiny and easy to comb.

Turmeric extract, for a revitalizing action on hair structure.

Horsetail, very rich in silicon and other minerals, useful in the formation and re-mineralization of nails and hair. It has a strengthening and revitalizing effect on fragile and damaged hair.


Organic certification
COSMOS ORGANIC certification by Ecocert Green Life according to Cosmos standards available at

Packaging certifications
Packagings in 100% recyclable FSC paper.
FSC® brand certifies that raw materials from wood come from sustainably managed forests according to the strictest environmental, social and economic standards.

I’m green: PE labels and tube are processed from sugar cane grown in Brazil, in controlled areas, away from the Amazon forest. This raw material has a low environmental impact, as it contributes to reduce carbon emissions.