A collection of your most frequently asked questions about BioKap Nutricolor shades.

    Can BioKap Nutricolor hair dyes cause allergies?

    Hair dyes can cause serious allergy reactions, for this reason we recommend strictly following the instructions. As reported on the packaging, do a sensitivity test 48 hours before each application. If you wish to know how to carry out the test, read the instructions on the internal leaflet carefully and also the FAQ section “Before applying the hair dye – How to do the sensitivity test”.

    What should I do in the event of an allergic reaction while applying the dye?

    In case of an allergic reaction during application, as for instance intense itching, skin burning or skin rash, immediately stop using the product and immediately rinse with warm water. In this case, before applying a new dye, consult a Dermatologist.

    I am allergic to nickel, can I use your hair dyes?

    All products in the BioKap Nutricolor range are “Nickel Tested”, (link to the question above) as shown on each pack. This means that the finished product from each production lot is subjected to analysis for nickel. In any case, it is necessary to carry out a sensitivity test 48 hours before using the product.

    Can I use Biokap Nutricolor despite the fact that my hair is already dyed?

    Yes, it is possible to apply BioKap Nutricolor hair dyes on already-dyed hair. If you need to just touch up your roots, choose a colour similar to the one you already have.  If instead you want to change your current look, choose a colour darker than your original one.  If the percentage of grey hair is high, apply a colour that is one tone darker than your hair in order to get a perfect coverage. Like all permanent hair dyes, we recommend waiting at least 4/5 weeks between one application and the other.

    Can I apply the dye after using henna or highlights

    It is first necessary to perform the patch test 48 hours before each application. The dye can be applied but we cannot guarantee the colour result, as the previous treatment can alter the final colour of the first application compared to the desired one. Subsequent applications, one month apart, can help obtain the desired colour. We nevertheless recommend choosing shades that do not have red hues and testing a lock behind your neck to see the final result.

    Can your hair dyes cover grey hair?

    BioKap hair dyes cover grey hair from the first application. For best results we recommend the following:

    • with less than 50% grey hair: use a shade similar to your own to maintain your colour;
    • with more than 50% grey hair, use a shade darker than your own to achieve your colour.

    Can I use the hair dye on my eyebrows?

    The product must NOT be used to dye eyelashes, eyebrows, beards and moustaches. It has been specifically formulated for hair colouring.

    What should I do if I get the product in my eyes?

    In this case, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

    How do I get hair dye off my skin?

    After a few washes the dye stains will disappear. However, in order to avoid such inconvenience, you can apply the protective cream supplied in the pack, or another moisturizing cream, to your hairline and around your forehead before dye application.

    Can I mix different shades together?

    If you cannot find the colour that better suits you among  Nutricolor and Nutricolor Delicato ranges, it is possible to mix the different colours among them. The BioKap Nutricolor Delicato RAPID hair dyes can only be mixed among them, as they have a 10-minute application time. We remind you that any residue of hair dye that has been already mixed and is ready for use cannot be stored and used later. It is also essential to perform the patch test 48 hours before each application. This must be done, even if you have already used a dyeing product from this or another brand, as individual sensitivity to dyes may change over time. A preliminary test should be carried out to check the final result. Depending on the final colour you wish to obtain, you can proceed by mixing different amounts of the chosen colours in the same bottle of Nutrifix Colour Revealer. We remind you not to mix hair dyes with different leave-on time.

    How long should I wait before repeating the application of the hair dye?

    It is usually best to wait 5-6 weeks before repeating the application, but time may vary depending on how fast your hair grows.

    How long should the dye be left in?

    For a correct application, the development time is 35 minutes altogether. We recommend applying the dye first on the regrowth, leaving it in for approximately 20 minutes, and then distributing it along the length, leaving it in for another 15 minutes. BioKap Nutricolor Delicato Rapid hair dyes have a leave-on time of 10 minutes.The leave-on time is calculated from the moment you finish the colour application. The whole colour application should take maximum 5 minutes. If it takes longer, reduce the leave on time accordingly. For example, if you need 1-2 minutes more for applying the hair dye, the total leave-on time should be 8-9 minutes. We recommend starting from the roots and during the last 2-3 minutes applying the dye on the hair lengths and tips. We do not recommend exceeding the 10 minutes leave-on time as the final colour may be darker than expected.

    How should the Lightening Cream be used?

    The Lightening Cream should be applied in the same way as BioKap Nutricolor Hair Dyes, with the only following differences:

    • – to lighten the hair by 1-2 shades: apply over the entire length, leaving it in for 30/40 minutes;
    • – for highlights: apply to small locks using the special applicator, wrap in aluminium foil and leave in for 30 minutes.
    Some guidelines: if your natural colour is:
    • dark blond: your hair will become light blond;
    • brown: your hair will become light brown;
    • red: be careful because your hair might turn to orange;
    • dark brown/black: it is not advisable to apply the product.

    I don’t like how the colour has turned out. How can I get my natural colour back?

    If the final result is a colour one or two shades darker than your natural one, you can lighten your hair using BioKap Nutricolor Delicato Lightening Cream. If the final result is a colour one or two shades lighter than your natural one, you can apply a darker shade of dye. In any case, before proceeding you should wait 4-5 weeks from the first hair dye application. If the final result is a colour much lighter or much darker than your natural one, you should go to the hairdresser.

    Can I dye my hair during pregnancy and while I am breastfeeding?

    Regarding the use of our hair dyes during pregnancy, we recommend that you follow your gynaecologist advice. In fact, although the ingredients are selected to ensure high skin tolerance, we must consider that during pregnancy skin is more sensitive. Therefore, there is an increased risk of sensitization or allergy, even in women who have never experienced this type of problem. For this reason, we do not recommend using any hair dyes in the first three months of pregnancy and, for the other months, we suggest that you consult your gynaecologist: some recommend the use of natural dyes from the 4th month onwards, while others only after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    I have already used hair dyes without any allergic reactions, can I use BioKap Nutricolor?

    Not without performing the patch test. Each hair dye is different and it is essential to perform the patch test 48 hours before each application. This must be done, even if you have already used a colouring product from this or another brand, as individual sensitivity to dyes may change over time.

    How do I do the patch test?

    Mix a small amount of BioKap Nutricolor Colouring Cream with an equal amount of Nutrifix Colour Revealer. As a container you can use a lid, a paper cup or a coffee cup. Using a cotton bud, apply a small amount of the product behind the ear or in the crook of the elbow, enough to cover an area equal in size to about 1 cm square. Repeat it two or three times, letting it dry in between. Close the Colouring Cream tube and the Nutrifix Colour Revealer bottle carefully, then wait 48 hours without washing, covering or touching the area. If itching, redness or other skin disorders occur during this period of time, do not use the product and consult a dermatologist before using any other colouring product. The patch test is a reasonable precaution that can reduce, but not cancel, the risk of an allergic reaction, even in the event of a negative result. If, after this period, no itching, redness or swelling is evident, proceed with the application of BioKap Nutricolor Hair Dyes.

    When shouldn’t I use hair colouring products?

    Hair colouring products must not be used if the user:

    • has had a previous reaction to hair dyes;
    • has a sensitive, irritated or damaged scalp or rashes on the face;
    • has had a reaction to a temporary black henna tattoo.
    In addition, these products are not intended to be used on people under the age of 16.

  • regrowth
    On the whole hair or on regrowth only?

    In case of already dyed hair, apply the colour only on the roots; during the last 10-15 minutes distribute the remaining mixture on length and tips. If you are using a BioKap Nutricolor Delicato Rapid hair dye, apply it on the roots first and then on the length, paying attention not to exceed the leave-on time stated on the pack. In case of natural, therefore undyed, hair, apply the mixture on the length and tips first, then on the roots, always following the instructions you can find in the internal leaflet.

  • tip
    A tip for your first application

    The hair dye should be applied also on the length and tips but always remember that "colour-does-not-lighten-colour". That is, if you have brown hair and want to achieve a blond colour, you need to do it step by step and through many applications (sometimes lightening treatments are needed, too) before reaching the wished result.